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Monday, May 29, 2006

Morning folks. Hope your week-end went well, or is going well if you're Murakan. (oh lighten up!) Got kind of a pot pourri today, or as a good ol' boy might say, a pot poury.

First the good news. Boop will be having her surgical biopsies on Wednesday, so keep the good thoughts for her. As for me I've put my plans on hold until we get the results. If she needs another round of treatment, or whatever, my trip will be put on hold so that I can be here to help in any way I can. It's no biggie really, the road will be there when I'm ready.

I tried taking a video yesterday to see if the crackling noise etc. was gone after the tune-up at the store. @#$, it's worse than ever! So back to the store, and this time we'll go outside and try it before I leave, even if I have to drag him out in a headlock.

Talked to son Bob yesterday and he was telling me that grandson Bobby was saving up for a fancy bicycle. Well, alright!, this is where grampas come in. I told him to tell Bobby that I would match him dollar for dollar, but he says that Bobby wants to pay for it himself.

When Bobby is'nt playing a little league game, he umpires. They pay him $20 a game and he was umpiring his 10th game as we spoke. This is the kind of stuff that makes me realize what a great job Bob and his wife have done raising the little guy. Little hell, he's as tall as I am, and he's only 14. You could'nt buy the feelings I have for things like this.

I think my fitness regimen is going to have to be adjusted. Oh, I'll keep exercising, but within reason. As is usual with me, I completely overdid things, to the point of exhaustion. But the main thing I've got to do is START EATING! I'm sure that's the reason I've been feeling the way I have the last week or so.

I've come down from 262 to 220 lbs and that's the weight I'm going to try to maintain. If I lose anymore I'll look like a refugee, in fact Boop has been on my case about it. She's right of course. With all the reading I've done on this you'd think I'd know better, but NOOO! Bonehead!

Smurf, here is the link to Karen's site, the lady that found this template for me. If you like the picture on top of this one, you'll love the one on her's.

Guess what I'm going to do now, EAT! It's been a while, but I'm going to fix some steak and eggs. Let it sit a bit, then go out and walk half of it off. See ya later.

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