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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Morning folks. So how is everything down at your end of the melon patch? Things are pretty well the same ol', same ol' here. Tomorrow Boop is scheduled for the next set of biopsies, which is causing a bit of nervous apprehension for her, and us. Add to that, her sister is due to be released from the hospital today from her recent brain surgery and because she needs constant care, that just puts more strain on Boop.

Marg is in such a muddled state that if it was'nt so sad, it would be funny. Things like trying to tear an IV bag apart to get her muffin, or telling us that they had locked her out of her room so that the nurses could party all night. The only good thing in all of this is that she is not aware of how serious it really is. She actually seems content, in fact almost happy. Thank God for small favors I suppose.

I've received 2 phone calls in the past couple of days that have brought back a lot of memories. They were both in relation to an upcoming reunion of a group of soldiers that I was once part of. (Don't believe you should end a sentence with a preposition, but what the hey, it's my page.)

Most of the faithful readers/friends from my last site, Over The Road, will remember my telling of spending 5 years in the Army as a young man. In fact I put a post up of that time, including a picture of our graduating class after 2 years of fairly rigorous training that included both military and academic subjects. From there we went out to regular units to begin our military careers, which in my case was short-lived. Still, it was a time of my life that went a long way towards shaping the person I am today. Of course it did nothing to prepare me for the eventual path I chose, long-haul trucking, but the discipline and responsibility I learned sticks with me to this day.

At the risk of over-kill, (hey!, remember it's my page), here is the picture again.

This should click/enlarge. Hard to believe that was 49 years ago. The challenge for the new readers is to find me in there. Now, be serious, because there will be a prize if you pick me out correctly. In the case that the winning entrant is female, the prize will be a week-end of wanton debauchery. If male, it will be a hearty pat on the back.

Had enough? Good, because my "pecker" is getting tired. With 10 fingers you'd think I could learn to use more than one to type. Oh well. Have a decent day, and I'll probably see you tomorrow.

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