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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Morning folks. I'm convinced that men are born missing a gene, a shopping gene. One of those chromed zome thingys. I swear I would almost prefer a knee in the nether region than shop, especially for clothes.

Because I've taken some weight off I thought I would buy some casual trousers that would'nt act like a sail in the wind. So off to a clothing store, told the saleslady what I wanted, and the fun began.

She showed me some made of hopsack, which I liked, although they were very pricey. Oh well, held them to my side and noticed that the cuffs were wider than my shoe was long. HUH? When I pointed that out to her she said that was the style. WHERE? A bit more of that and she showed me some corduroy. HELLO? So before she brought out the lederhosen I asked to see some jeans.

"Whoa, $79.95 for a pair of blue jeans". "But those are Levi's". They're still just blue jeans. Yes, but they're expensive. D'OH! We have cheaper ones. But don't you get what you pay for? Yes, but they're cheap. By now I'm feeling like the dog chasing his tail 'round and 'round. Enough of this, I'm outa here!

Came back home, laid out my clothes and found that I'm okay for pants. Besides I can always hit Wally World, or quit fussin' about it. Who the heck cares what kind of pants I'm wearing? Anybody for nekkid?

Since I could'nt drill a hole into the bearing hubs yesterday it's back to the shop this morning to replace them. I've pretty well blown my entertainment budget for the next 10 years, and I have'nt left yet. Might have to take my fancy new laptop, rent a room at a cheap motel, and post pictures off the internet. Hmmm. NOT!

Called the Duty-Free store at the border to see if they had my favorite cologne in stock, and of course they did'nt. GRR! Oh well, I'll just sprinkle some diesel fuel on my clothes, that way the girls at the truck-em-ups will remember me.

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