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Friday, June 02, 2006

Morning folks. While I've been busy taking some weight off, my young friend Lexy has been wanting to put some on. Being one that is always willing to help where I can, and with a trip coming up, this looks like a job for Chef Boy-O-Boy. So hang in dear, I'll hitch up the Barbeque, stop in Alberta and pick up a couple of sides of beef, and we'll start working on putting some meat on those bones.

Thanks to Jim Nicholson

Going to be picking Boop up shortly and take her up to the local hospital for her biopsies. It's only a few blocks, but she does'nt need to be tramping up there and then trying to find a ride home. I'll stay with her until it's over, they said 2-3 hours from check-in, then bring her home.

The stupid weather here just won't quit raining. I've been wanting to give my car another good power waxing before I leave, because the paint on it is in great shape and I"d like to give it one more coat to protect it from the sun. For insurance reasons we can't use any electrical tools in the parking garage, so I've got to do it outside. GRR!

Also, on Saturday morning I'll be putting the car on the hoist at my bud's shop, give it a service, but more importantly, go over it with a fine tooth comb. Taking the car to the Cadillac dealer and sitting in the "lounge" wondering what they're doing to it because you're not allowed in the shop, is not for me. Nobody, but NOBODY, messes with my "baby". Imagine paying $105 an hour labor. No thank you please!

Thanks for stopping by, and if you can, come by tomorrow for the Saturday Chuckles, and I'm sure L'il Bear will have some kind of tomfoolery for Sunday. Enjoy your week-end.


Update 11:30 am

Preliminary Diagnosis.......CANCER FREE!

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