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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Morning folks. I often jokingly refer to this as being a G-rated site, but after a comment left yesterday it makes me realize that I'm glad I take it more seriously than that.

Although I enjoy teasing, double entendres and all, I do try to keep the language reasonably clean. When I read the mentioned comment, and saw that it was from a 12 yr old girl, it brought home the point, to me at least, that we never really know who is reading what we post.

I'm certainly not one to preach, and won't do so now, but I've never understood the need to use language that really does nothing but show ignorance and a complete lack of respect. Believe me, I can curse with the best of them, but do I want my 12 yr old granddaughter to hear me talk like that? We all know the answer!

So to the young lady, thank you, both for stopping by, and for the lesson. Now go to your room, I've got some cursing to do. NOT!!

Did'nt get to take a video yesterday because the expected nice weather got so nice I had to use an umbrella to keep it off me. Reminds me of the story about the lady in Winnipeg that phoned the radio station, and told them she just had to pay a guy to shovel 4" of their partly cloudy off her driveway.

Boop's biopsies have been set back until Friday, although she did have an appointment with the specialist yesterday. No point in ranting about how we seemingly can afford hundreds of millions of dollars for the 2010 #$% Olympics, but have to put up with a health care system in crisis because of a lack of money. GRRR!

I've mentioned that I'm not much of a drinker anymore, but last evening I had to bring out a bottle of 12 yr aged Gibson's Finest Canadian Whiskey that I keep for "medicinal purposes". A friend that I had'nt seen in a while dropped in for a visit so naturally I had to be a good host. Well, you'll be proud of me, I was such a good host that I had to send him home in a cab! He's another retired trucker, and damn (oops, darn) did we do some truckin' last night! What a great time we had re-living some of the good ol' days.

I thought I might be a little "under the weather" this morning but it's just the opposite, I feel great. Hmm, maybe that was medicine after-all. I've been rasslin' with this tumor for so long, maybe it's time I re-joined the human race. Guess I'll have to check that out. ;-)

The evening was'nt a complete success however, I missed a call that I'll try to make amends for by e-mail this morning. If I had known who it was that caused the answering machine to blink all night, I would have kicked his sorry butt out (NOT!) and talked to, yep, HER. (That should get the tongues a-waggin') ;-)

Take care guys, and I'll probably see you tomorrow.

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