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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Morning folks. Well, as you can see, L'il Bear managed to stow away in the cargo hold. It's just as well, because he's a Sunday feature here, and I really could'nt leave him with the Psycho Cats! Plus he's a great chick magnet. wink wink.

Got away from Oakridge early yesterday morning and stopped on top of Willamette Pass to take pics. Because it was still dark they did'nt turn out too good, except this one:

I took this at the 5000 foot level, outside temperature 37 degrees, and me in a T-shirt. Where was my jacket?, well d'uh!, packed away. Dumb-butt!

Stopped in Klamath Falls at Mollies restaurant, one of my old haunts, for breakfast. Guess what I had Big Dave, yep, a monster shrimp omelet! Called Boomtown to reserve a room and was told that I did'nt need a reservation, but that they would hold one for me. Cost, $59.00. Good deal!

Arrived at Boomtown at 1:15 pm. The room is now $179.00, they denied getting a call, and since I did'nt get a name, I could'nt prove it. Dumb-butt!

Argued a bit, said to heck with it, and decided to go elsewhere. Wandered around the parking lot and took these pictures and was setting up the tripod to take a video when Security chased me off. In fact they wanted me to dump these from the camera, but uh uh, was'nt going to happen.

Went back down the hill on I-80 and checked into the Quality Inn at Sparks. What a disaster! After schlepping my bags into 3 different rooms with wall-thumping party neighbors, I was out of there. Although I never really touched anything in any of the rooms, they did'nt want to credit my Visa card with a refund. When I told them they could argue with Visa, they relented.

Next went to the Super-8 by the Alamo truck stop, and stood reading the Be Right Back sign at the front desk for 15 minutes. Enough of that, back on I-80, and headed east to where I am now, the Best Western in Fallon. But first I had to get caught in a construction cluster you-know-what. Thank God for A/C because it was really hot here yesterday, and I had had enough!

Although it sounds whiny, I have to expect days like that. This is a nice motel, nice people etc. Got checked in, cleaned up, and went out for a much needed cold one. Hmm, for a guy that does'nt drink much there seems to be a lot of "cold ones" lately. YES!!

On the way walking back to my room I spotted a Dominoes, so I picked up a pizza, and called it a day. Guess what I had on the pizza Big Dave, yep, SHRIMP!

Off to Lost Wages this morning, and plan to stay at Nevada Landing just south of Vegas on I-15. Another one of my old haunts. Other than touring the Hoover Dam on Monday, I'm not real sure of my itinerary, but I've got to start heading towards the north-east. Thought about taking a tour of the Gulf States to see the devastation left by Katrina, but after yesterday's heat I'm having second thoughts.

Hope this was'nt too long, too whiny, or too boring. Take care guys.

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