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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Morning folks. Well, the first day was a success. Arrived at the border at 4:45 am, no line-up, (d'uh) and the customs inspector turned out to be a very nice fella. Ran me through the computer, chatted a bit about my trip, and I was on my way.

The weather was rotten, raining and foggy, but I did'nt care, I was where I wanted to be. Stopped and gassed up, $3.19US/gal, back up on I-5 and hauled ass. Got to Seattle and the traffic was as anybody that has ever been there knows, horrible! Did'nt care, plugged in the Eagles and listened to Tequila Sunrise as the sun came up.

Got to Portland and they had the Interstate bridge raised. Go for it!, nothing is going to p*** me off today.

Got to Salem and saw a big sign along the road that said, CAUTION, REALLY REALLY OLD GUY AHEAD. I noticed that no one was paying any attention to it, and thought, no respect, huh Hoss?

Got to Eugene and as I was passing Pape' Caterpillar I saw their big billboard advertising their version of a Bob-Cat, the little piece of construction machinery that can spin on a dime. In big block letters it said, FORGET ABOUT BOB. I know what you mean Hoss, I know what you mean.

By noon hour I was checked in to this motel in Oakridge, Orrygun.

Went to my room, cleaned up, put a big ol' spash of GRUNT on, and when I came out this is what I found:

I tell ya folks, it's a curse! (They are very nice ladies, and played along with my goofiness)

Went for a walk, found a place that made me a great shrimp burrito, picked up some long-necked bottles of adult sody-pop, back to the room, and enjoyed the h*** out of both.

Off to Reno this morning, should be there shortly after noon, and I'll try to get serious about some pictures, or if I hear some choiping boids in the blowing trees, I'll take a video. Might have to check copyright laws on the vids. heh heh heh

Oh, I did go out and do the tourist thingy. Hung the camera around my neck, asked a guy how far it was to Orrygun, and HE said eh? Damn Canadians, they're everywhere!


Just checked into Best Western in Fallon NV. Reno turned out to be a bust, room-wise, and other ways. But no biggie, I'm fine. I'm kind of beat right now, but I'll post from here in the morning before I leave for Vegas.

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