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Monday, June 12, 2006

Well, how-dee you-all from Grand Junction, Colorado. WHERE? What the heck are you doing there? Well, if you'd hold your ruddy horses for a minute, I'll endeavor to explain. heh heh heh.

The drive down from Fallon yesterday went well, in fact I stopped at one of my old haunts:

I thought I'd go in and pull a few handles, so I arranged for these fellows to provide an escort in case I hit it big:

They assured me I'd be safe with my roll of nickels, so off I went. But wait! I hit the jackpot after all. I've been trying to find a suitable location to set the Harem up in, and like manna from Heaven, I found this beauty:

Just think, we'll finally be all together in a money-making operation. (Wish I knew how to put the grin on my face on here!)

I did make a video yesterday and will post it later. Anyhoo, kept truckin' along till I got to Vegas. Temperature 102 degrees, and I'm stuck in a 1 hour back-up trying to get from US95 onto I-15 south. Think it's time to make a corporate decision. Do I want to continue on to Phoenix tomorrow for more of the same, or change course? Hmm.

Finally made it here, checked in, played a bit, ate dinner, and called it a day. No Big Dave, I did'nt have shrimp, but I had a bunch of crab legs running for their lives. Most of them did'nt make it!

Thought about it last night and realized that to continue the route I'd contemplated would just get me into heat and humidity that I don't enjoy that much. So up early this morning (d'uh!) and decided to head for the northeast.

Got back up on I-15, headed north through Vegas, continued north through a small part of Arizona, into Utah, on up to I-70E, finished Utah, into Colorado, and was here at 1:30 pm. That's truckin'!

Tomorrow it'll be through Denver, north on I-76 to I-80, and will probably be in Kearney Nebraska tomorrow night. Remember folks, this was the whole idea of the trip, get out and travel the roads I spent so many years on. Doin' my thang!

This is getting too long. I've got lot's of other pics I'll post later, or put on my Flickr page(s)

Guess where I'm going now? Yep, out for a cold one!! Take care, and I'll see ya later.

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