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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Howdy folks. Well, I did'nt quite make Kearney. By the time I arrived here in North Platte I realized that I had put 499 miles on today, so in off the road, got a room, and here I are.

The drive went well today, even if a little hot. I don't like running the air all the time, but it's sure nice to have. Can't believe all the years I ran in those ol' lunch-bucket trucks with no air, no power steering, and rode like a stagecoach.

I wanted to take some pictures around Vail and the Eisenhower Tunnel, but there was so much road construction I could'nt find a safe place to get off the road. Even with that the drive went well.

Stopped in Fort Morgan, CO, had lunch, gassed up, and back up on the boulevard. Good thing I had enough miles on for today, because by the time I got here I felt a big ol' nap overtaking me.

I tried to put a short post up this morning before I left Grand Junction but the wireless signal was too weak. Tried 3 times and all that happened was timing out. I had a couple of pics and a dorky video that I'll put up before I leave here.

But first, it's Miller Time! I'm staying at a Quality Inn that has all the amenities one would want. You heifers ready for a jacuzzi? How about a dip in the pool? Work-out? (No! not that kind)

They have a Bar and Grill here in the building, so as soon as I get liquored up, seeing as how I'm in Nebraska, I'll tell the waiter to cut the horns off a steer, wipe it's butt, and trot it out, because I'm hungry.

Hope you're all well. See ya later.

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