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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Morning folks. Well, it was bound to happen eventually. I'm in love. Yep, got the warm fuzzies.

The last time that I was in this beautiful little sea-side town was in 1978. I was hauling the band equipment for a group called Trooper (remember Jude?). I fell in love with this place back then and it all came back to me yesterday.

The people here are so warm and friendly, that when I mentioned that to them it was like I was a long-lost relative. It's been a long time since I was made to feel so welcome. Everywhere I went it was the same. Yep, got the warm fuzzies.

Even the owner of the motel, when he found out about my love for this place, upgraded my room to a suite. Where else on this planet would you be treated like that? When I was going out to my car for another tour, the chamber-maids were just getting off work for the day. "See you tomorrow Bob, have a nice night". Yep, got the warm fuzzies.

Never did find anyone to check my camera out, but somehow I managed to correct the problem. We have sound. Trouble is, out of frustration, I deleted the 2 videos because the tag would'nt copy/paste properly. Also Blogger has been giving me fits, but I think I have that figured out. It seems that once you post something out of Photobucket, every other image has to go through there. That's why the pictures are a mile wide. It's a learning experience, I'll figure it out.

It's better for you guys anyway. Instead of my dorky video, I found you a site that shows the Confederation Bridge much better. Be sure to check out the web cam, and of course the rest of the site. One funny thing, you don't pay the toll ($40.50) coming onto the island, just when you leave.

I did'nt change plans to get out of the toll, but when I leave here I'm going to the other end of the Island and take the ferry to Caribou, Nova Scotia. The fare is a little higher than the toll, but will save a lot of miles.

From there I'll drive to North Sydney, Nova Scotia, and take the ferry to Newfoundland. But first I'll spend some time there.

I'm going to take a bunch of pictures this morning and hope that Blogger quits messing with me. It's funny, I had no trouble posting pictures at home, but now when I really have some good ones, this crapola happens. As I said, I'll finger it out.

Well, that should be enough about me, how the hell are you guys doing? Any of you heifers needin' a little Studley love? Hope not, because you'll have to line up behind the chamber-maids. In your dreams, you ol' fool!

Wish me luck with the pics/videos, and take care of yourselves.

I've managed to re-capture one of the dorky videos. Sorry about the sound, but hopefully I've got that solved.

This shows a bit of the first place you come to after crossing Northumberland Strait on the 8 mile long bridge. It's called Gateway Village, and is basically a big Welcome spot.

Hot damn! I even managed to fix the sound. Wait, who's at the door? Oh, it's Bill Gates. Sorry you little runt, I'm busy talking to the folk. heh heh heh

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