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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Morning folks. Here are some pictures, in no particular order, that I took yesterday morning. I guess my threatening to get into some industrial-strength cussin' worked, because Blogger cooperated today. Even managed to get the video up.

This first one of the hot-rod boat caught my eye, and I thought you might enjoy dreaming of hitting the open water in it.

This next one, and the one below, will be leaving in 2 days for a sail across the Atlantic. I talked to one of the fellows that helped put the mast up on the one in the water, and he was telling me of all the ports-of-call they'll be making. It reminded me that just as I enjoy the open road, there are those who enjoy the open sea. Different strokes for different folks, and that's what it's all about in the final analysis.

This last one was dinner last evening. There is a market across the street from the motel, and when the owner asked if I was having dinner in the dining room, and I replied yes, he told me to go over and pick my dinner out of the tank. How damn cool is that?

I went over, told the store owner why I was there, and that's his hand holding my dinner up for inspection.

Now for some mind-blowing stuff. The store owner not only remembers the Trooper concert, he was there. He also remembers me being introduced, by the band, on stage, and says I have'nt changed that much. I think I love him! heh heh heh

Now for the dorky video. It was quite windy when I took it, so there is quite a bit of noise. Also I'm disappointed in the focus, but you'll get what I was trying to show.

This morning I'm off to Charlottetown, then down to Wood Islands to catch the ferry to Caribou, Nova Scotia. From there I'll drive to North Sydney, and stay for a day or two.

Hope you're all doing well, and I'll probably see you tomorrow with a dorky video from the ferry.
Hi guys. Just arrived in North Sydney, and am checked in to the Best Western. What an absolutely beautiful drive today. Took 36 pictures and 2 dorkies, although I think I messed up the videos. I'll sort things out, and either see ya later today, or for sure in the morning.

It's beautiful here. Wish you were! heh heh heh

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