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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Hi guys. Just arrived in Amherst, Nova Scotia, safe and sound. I'm too pooped to post (hey, alliteration), but I'll answer your much appreciated comments in a bit.

I'll compose another tour de force (yeah right!), complete with some neat pictures and a dorky video, and I'll have it up for your reading pleasure(?) in the morning.

Been doin' a lot of ponderin', and might be making another corporate. At any rate I'll explain what I'm thinking. For now, I've got some chambermaids to amuse.

Thanks for staying with me.
Here's a couple to get you started.

I found these amazing specimens of taxidermy when I stopped for lunch at a Mary Brown's in Deer Falls, NFLD. I've seen lot's of this sort of stuff before, but never anything as good as these. I have more of these, plus some fun pics I made at the same spot.

Don't forget, click/enlarge.

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