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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Morning folks. I had a real long post, started yesterday, made up for today, but it's gone and I don't have the heart to do it all over. At the end of the post I wanted to show these pictures but Blogger would'nt cooperate.

I tried everything, copied to Notepad and tried a new post, shut the computer off, hibernated, nothing worked. I think I know the problem, but no matter, I can talk about things later.

Basically this trip in it's present form is over. I've yet to decide how to proceed, but I'm heading for home, resting up, buying a van conversion, and coming back out.

It will take me a week or so to get home, time for the other stuff, then will probably head for the Yukon. Much more on all that later, but I've done what I set out to do, now with what I've learned about myself, my life will really begin anew.

When the pilots in NFLD deliver their passengers to the terminal, they REALLY deliver. This is from the museum in Gander. I also toured the airstrip there where, I believe, the Concorde used to re-fuel.

I stopped for lunch and was sitting outside on a bench when this guy flew in and said that if I gave him a piece of chicken, he would'nt poop on my car. So I fed him.

Next thing I know his open-mouthed, hungry little buddies showed up. Guess they'd heard of Mary Brown's "work of art".

Finally, how would you like to pay $109 for a room in this barn? Thought so, I did'nt either, but I had no choice. Here we go again, Damn! I'll put it up later.

As for the dorky video, it was too dorky for even my low standards. Plus I think it's my way of previewing that is causing the problems. It was just me going down the road with George Strait in the background.

This post is convoluted, but keep going, I'll try to make some sense of it for you.

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