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Monday, October 23, 2006

Morning folks. After some good-natured teasing, from Jude, about my not taking any dorky videos for a while I did go out with good intentions. But, alas, I just couldn't seem to get motivated, except for these pictures.

These I took in the park behind my place. Such a great time of the year with the autumn colors.

This one is kind of cute. I had been teasing the young lady about how the ears on her chihuahua made it look like a bat. The dog seems to be saying, "are you going to let him call me that"?

As nice as the day was, it was kind of a bummer for me. When I was on that fitness kick I would do 4 laps around the park and still be wanting to go. Yesterday, 1/2 way on the first lap I had to head for home. Guess Timmy took more out of me than I realized, or want to admit. Oh well, just have to stay at it. I will admit though, it doesn't get any easier.

Boop made it home safe and sound, and broke (heh heh), but happy. Since that was the point of the trip it seems to have worked. She knows I devour newspapers and, bless her heart, she brought me an armload from south of the border. It's always interesting to read of world events from other people's perspective. The one thing clear is that Bush-Whacking is alive and well. YES!!

Have a good week guys.

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