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Monday, July 03, 2006

Morning folks. Yesterday was a good day, even though the weather didn't cooperate. It was colder than a mother-in-law's kiss when I left, 47 degrees, with lot's of rain and fog. By the time I got to Quebec City it had soared to 53 degrees. I was almost to Ottawa before it warmed up, then got real windy. Still in all I made 736 miles and felt fine when I came off the road.

It took a little longer than it should have because Montreal was a gong show. Either the traffic was crawling, or the roads were so bad that you couldn't make time anyway. Normally it wouldn't have bothered me but I had a trunk full of lobsters for Lexy so I had to stay at it. Of course when I reached Ottawa I couldn't get her on the phone! No matter, I took them to a truck stop, and the 50 or so guys there seemed to appreciate the big ol' lobster-boil I put on. Guess she was out gallivanting with her other "lobster delivery person".

I'm in Pembroke, Ontario, which means nothing to you, but is so meaningful for me. Boop and I were married here 46 years ago. Also our 3 sons were born here. It's not at all emotional for me like the other stuff was, it's just damn neat!

When I think of all the paths I have taken in life, to end up here on this special trip is, like I said, damn neat. Especially so since I seem to have been given a new lease on life. Taking this trip, and doing it the way I have, has done wonders for me. Having you guys along is just icing on the cake.

To avoid any squabbles between you ladies about who is riding "shotgun", or "second seat", I've had to bring in a new member. Here I am showing her in the Atlas where we're going. This, and others, are in front of the motel here. Kinda cute.

Sorry I don't have a you-know-what video for you, but I'll come up with something soon. Actually I was going to make a going-down-the-road one yesterday because I found a fitting tune to go with all that has happened, but the weather was horrible. Plus, by the time I got out of Quebec I was in no mood for gaiety. If the Lord ever gives the world an enema.....That's not very nice, but neither are they.

Still not sure which way to go today. If I drop down to US2, I'll probably be around Duluth tonight. I want to get my car serviced today and if that takes a while, I might just dog it. Speaking of the car, it's amazing how well it has stood up to the pounding I've given it. My ol' bod is used to it, but not a whimper from it.

Take care guys.
Blankety-blank holiday week-end traffic on mostly 2-lane roads. Ma and Pa Kettle in a '49 chev pick-up with flapping fenders pulling a 40' land yacht at minus 1 mph. GRRR! Still, I made 420 miles and am in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Definitely Miller Time! See ya in the morning.

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