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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Morning folks. Anyone interested in listening to a happy man natter? Good, because I'm that man.

Every day since I completed my "mission" has me marveling at the changes I feel in myself. To think that just a few short months ago I was unable some days to go to the store, and here I am with close to 8,000 miles on me in just over 3 weeks and looking for more. I'm realistic enough to know that at my age I'll never be the indestructible guy I once was, but don't bet too much against it. When I'm in my element there's no stopping me. I think straight, I feel strong, I'm off those @#$ pills, and I'm almost back to being kick-ass. All of that from telling the doctors to step out of the cab, I'm driving this life from here on.

Speaking of my element, here it is right here. I've always been a guy that wanted to know what's over the hill, so let's kick this thing in the butt and get up there and find out. Last one to the top is a pussy!

I've been trying to get my ol' bud Box-Car on the phone, hoping to meet up with him at the truck-stop in Nairn Center, west of Sudbury. No contact, but when I stopped there yesterday for lunch it didn't matter because I came across this.

I seriously offered to swap my car on the spot for it, but he wasn't interested. D'uh! I wouldn't either. I didn't tell him that I would sweeten the pot because I could have made a fool of myself.

My son Michael is a helluva carpenter, and wouldn't that "baby" look great with a custom made camper to suit the era? Make the wood look stressed, or aged, damn that would be something!

Now for the, (oh come on, let me say it) dorky video of the day. It's just me on a natural high, and the song says it all. "Give me one more shot, I'll give it all I've got"

Well, there you have it guys. I wish that I could bottle this and give you all a lifetime supply, but failing that, know that I'm in your corner just as you've been in mine. Thanks for listening.
Just came off the road at Superior, Wisconsin. Will answer appreciated comments in a bit. Got a couple of pics, and a dorky, for tomorrow. See ya in the morning.

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