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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Morning folks. It seems the longer I'm out here, the better it gets. Yesterday was a good example. I debated whether to cross the border or stay on the Trans-Canada and continue on to home. I chose the south side and except for an overzealous young customs guy, it was the right decision.

I don't know whether he was bored or what, but he decided to search my car and ask dumb-assed questions like, "how come you've got so much dirty laundry?" How do you answer a question like that? Took me inside, emptied my pockets, wallet, ran me through the computer, etc. etc. Finally even he realized this was silly and turned me loose.

The drive along US2 was great, especially in the northern part of Michigan. I took the video in a little town named Manistique. What a beautiful place! In fact most of the day was filled with neat little places that I hadn't seen in years.

Some of the places are doing well, others not so. I went through small towns that were having their 4th of July parades etc. Patriotism was alive and well, and rightly so. It's actually neat to get off the "big roads" and see real people. At one time of course, this was THE route across the top of the country, back before the interstates. Enjoyed every mile.

Right now I'm along the shore of Lake Superior, the largest of the Great Lakes, and where the Edmund Fitzgerald sank. That of course is the ship made famous by Gordon Lightfoot in the song by the same name. Have to mention him, because he's Canadian eh? heh heh

Most truckers work their way up to 18-wheelers, but this fellow kept going. Show-off!

I didn't bother asking this fellow if he wanted to swap, because I know HE didn't have enough to sweeten the pot. Kind of a work in progress.

I should have taken some pictures along the shore here, but I was tired when I got in. A good kind of tired. Although I enjoyed the drive, it does take time getting through the little towns. I'm sure I'll find lot's down the road to show you.

Finally, here's the DV I took in that town I mentioned above. I'm glad you guys say you like this stuff because my little mind is working on ways to get better at this when I go back out again. If I didn't have to waste so much time on these @#$ motels I could do more, but that will change.

You'd think that after the number of times I've listened to that song, Give Me One More Shot, on this trip , I would know the artist's name. But I'm having a brain cramp, so I have to run out to my car before I can answer Kate's question. Sheesh, you guys are hard on me!

Not sure how far I'll go today, probably Grand Forks or Minot, North Dakota, because I'm starting to power out. Think I need a little play-time. Any ideas? Stop that, right now!

Take care guys.
Just came off the road at Minot. Stopped in Grand Forks, but couldn't find anyone to play with. Pics, DV, and road report in the am.

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