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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Morning folks. Well, another good day yesterday. Left Duluth/Superior during a gorgeous sunrise that I tried to capture, but the picture doesn't do it justice.

The drive across Wisconsin was enjoyable since on the four-lane sections they narrow the lanes down to two, and slow the speed, to go through the little towns, hence keeping the flavor of the old road. In one such town, Fosston, I had the car serviced by as friendly a shop as I've seen in a while. Imagine driving in off the road, onto the ramp, and 30 minutes of fun conversation later, you're back on the road. That sort of thing is sorely missed in our helter-skelter lives anymore.

The young man who seviced my car, and his brother, are going to read this, so I won't mention how butt-ugly they both were or how they talked funny. NOT! They were both a pleasure to meet.

The drive across North Dakota was a different matter. It takes a lot to bore me on the road, but by the time I got here to Minot I was almost in a coma. It's a good enough road but pretty well all four-lane and boring with a capital B. Too bad, it moves the traffic, but is just another "big road" now. That will change when I hit Montana in a couple of hours.

This picture doesn't show the brilliant red ball that was the sunrise yesterday. If I'm going to keep doing this sort of thing, and I plan to, I'm either going to get a bigger camera, or learn how to use this one properly.

This is just a shot of the city I left behind. The bridge in the foreground is US2.

When I stopped in Rugby, ND, to take this video it brought back such memories of the traveling I've done in my lifetime. It's not the life most would choose, but for someone like myself it's been a full and rewarding life. Now that I've taken my life back I can't wait to move to the next stage. I pretty well know what I'm going to do, it's just a matter of some fine tuning. This is getting too long, there will be lot's of time to talk about that later. Be assured, what I've been doing this past month is just the beginning.

Will probably go as far as Havre, Montana, today. At this point I am so completely fed up with motels that I just want to go home. If all goes well I'll cross the border tomorrow and will be in Cranbrook, B.C. tomorrow night. Then finally home
sometime Saturday, which means only two more @#$ motels.

Hope you're all well, and thanks once again for riding shotgun with me.
Great drive over to Havre in one of my favorite states. Checked into a place with a pool and a casino. If I blow the $1.32 I have left I can drown myself.

No pics or DV yet, but the day is young (11:30 am).

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