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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Morning folks. When I spoke to the owner of the Winnebago I was interested in last Thursday, I gave him my word that I would call Sunday evening to make an appointment to see it. He gave me his word that the advertised price was solid.

Well, guess what. When I called I was told that because there are soooo many people wanting to buy it, (BS!), that he couldn't let it go for that price. Now I don't care what he wants for it, he can keep it! You try to be straight up with people and they've just got to run a game on you. GRRR!

I'm going to look at one this morning, and I've got one other that I'm interested in, but any more shenanigans and I'm out of the market. You'd think that with one person buying, and one person selling, it would be simple.

Okay, that's enough whining. I've found over the years that the harder you look for something, the harder it is to find. Yet it seems when you stop looking it pops up, so if these two don't pan out I'll give it up for a while.

The weather was great here yesterday, but thankfully not as hot as parts of the US. Going to be a long summer if that keeps up.

As you can see I'm drilling a dry hole here, so I'll thank you for stopping by, and try to have something for tomorrow. Might have to come up with a DV. wink wink

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