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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Morning folks. Things went so well on Monday that I sort of expected something to go sideways, and it has. I talked to the dealer about the van first thing yesterday morning and was told it had sold Monday afternoon. Bummer! So I made the rounds yesterday without finding anything I was interested in, except for one that I'm going to see today.

I guess I'm not the only one interested in this type of RV, because they are very popular. There are motor-homes, campers, trailers galore, but not many of these. Oh well, just keep beating the bushes.

I've learned a bit about satellite internet access, enough to know that it is available, and very expensive. Most of the sites I checked wanted to bundle it with TV, phone, etc. There was one place that had a dish made for RV use but it isn't available in Canada. Again, just keep looking. If push came to shove it might mean that I would have to wait until I got to a place where I could get on-line the normal way.

This is a shot of just a small part of the climb up to the lighthouse at Cape Spear, ending with a scramble up those rocks, for which I got yelled at. Well, excuuuuuse me!

Of course after I did the mountain goat thing I found this walk down the backside. Dumba**!

I'm a bit disappointed that the van was gone, but truthfully, I didn't want to drive 400 miles to look at something that there are lot's of around here. Just have to root them out. There are so many great deals on full-size motor-homes that I might think that way, but that would be a last resort. $5.40/gal, divided by 9 MPG, YIKES. I'd really be picking bottles out of the ditch for gas money.

In the too much information department comes this "gem". For some time now, including during the trip, I've had problems performing my duties. So a few hours ago I took matters in hand and worked things out. Passed a big ol' kidney stone. YOW-WEEEE!

This is the second time I've done this, and it doesn't get any easier. The first was in California in the bunk of the truck because I was afraid I'd have to go the hospital down there. I did what I had to to recover it, brought it back, took it to the lab, and was told it was calcium. At first they didn't believe I had got it out myself because it looked like many, many pieces of compressed sharp glass. This one is the same so I'll skip the lab.

Sometimes I wonder if my "open book" philosophy on life, and sharing, goes too far, but what the hey, it's not boring. heh heh

Hope you're all doing well. Since sleep is out of the question tonight, I'm getting caught up on my coffee consumption now that I can get rid of it.

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