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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Morning folks. Well, another good day, in fact they just keep getting better. I made it to Cranbrook in good shape, and decided to stop here for the night instead of continuing on and arriving home looking like something the cat coughed up. Still got about 500 miles, but after what I've done in 4 weeks (9631) I could trip and fall that far.

Left Havre with enough gas to make Shelby where I was going to stop for breakfast and do the last thing I wanted/needed to do on this trip. Was bucking such headwinds that 52 miles out I decided to let discretion be the better part of valor and pulled into this little place to get gas.

Because I start so early, the place was closed, but no matter. I walked around a bit and finally an hour and fifteen minutes later this ol' codger showed up and asked if I needed gas. I resisted giving any one of a hundred smart-a**ed answers, filled up, had a nice chat with him and off to Shelby.

When I left on this trip I brought the cap I wore on my last trip in the truck, my log book holder with the last log book still in it, and, of course, my big ol' travel mug. Pulled into the truck stop at Shelby where I've been at least a hundred times before. It was always the first stop heading south on I-15, and the last stop heading north.

Pulled my cap on, grabbed my log book and mug, went into the driver's section of the restaurant, sat at the big round BS table, and said "how's it goin' boys?" "Same ol' same ol' driver" "I hear that, I do". Fit in there like a hand in a glove.

We proceeded to b**ch about fuel prices, dispatchers, and engines that wouldn't pull the crust off a rice pudding. Not once did I mention that I was no longer "on the road". As we were chatting, my mind was yelling I'M BACK, I'M FINALLY BACK!!

Money couldn't buy the feelings I had, nor words describe them. Now are you understanding what this trip was all about? After 4 years of fighting for my life, and 4 weeks of pounding the miles in, I was able to walk in there and be accepted for what I am, a proud trucker!

What a sight for these happily tired eyes. The foothills of the Rockies, where 600 miles away lies the home of a happy man.

This picture will describe what I tried to show in the video. I apologize for the noise, but it was really windy. Click it to enlarge and read about the slide.

Finally, here is the largest truck in the world. It is retired now, but worked at the coal mine here in Sparwood, B.C. I've got lot's more pictures that I'll put up over time.

Again, sorry about the noise, but I wanted you to see the enormity of it.

Well, there you have it guys, for now at least. I've got a ton of stories to tell once I get home. On a scale of 1 to 10, this trip was an 11. While I could have done it alone, having you guys along made it easier for me. I'm thankful for, and proud of, my "blog family".
Arived home safe and sound at 4 pm. Boop, bless her heart, had the fridge stocked, the fans on, and the place smelling great. Might have to give her a big ol' hug!

Pics and DV in the am.

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