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Friday, July 07, 2006

Morning folks. In the interest of efficiency I was thinking of changing the daily greeting to MF, but have decided to leave it as it is. DV works for the dorky video, but I'm not sure of how starting a conversation off with MF would go over. heh heh

The drive over here to Havre went great, even considering the road destruction I ran through in the rain. At least the mud covered the oil I ran through in ND.

I love the long lazy hills in Montana, especially the ones you can hit at a high rate of fuel consumption. There was a couple that I almost got airborne going over the top, but no biggie, just feeling my oats. It's 425 miles from Minot, and I won't tell you how long it took me until the statute of limitations runs out. But it wasn't all fun, which leads to a confession I have to make.

Towards the end of the drive I got angry, I mean severely pi**ed. I was sick of this blog, pics, DVs, posting, you name it. To the point that I was going to blow it out of the water. I couldn't understand what was causing my anger because I truly enjoy this, and you guys.

Then the light went on. Every Monday and Thursday I take the pills that control the tumor. When I first started taking them, 3 1/2 years ago, they really messed with me, but lately it's been okay. For some reason yesterday they caused that blow-up.

When I got to my room and went online I read your comments and felt ashamed. You guys have been a big part of my getting to where I am, and frankly have been therapeutic for me. So although you didn't hear me, I apologize for cussing you out.

This struggle is not always easy, but between us we're winning. Thank you!

When I drove into town I stopped at the Best Western and got attitude. Bad move young lady! I was still pi**ed and I guarantee you that she got the attitude adjustment of her life. Enough of that crap!

I continued on until I spotted this sign. YES!

This is the pool. Hurry up ladies, times a'wasting.

This is the motel/casino.

And this is the DV of the day.

I went to the casino and made my contribution, nothing major. Being as how this is cattle country I went out for dinner and had a nice prime rib. Even had a nice glass of grape squeezin's.

So all in all, it was a good day. One more night on the road and Hello White Rock! If I don't show up tomorrow it will just mean I went straight through, but probably not. Either way L'il Bear and I will see you Sunday for sure.
Just checked into the best room, so far, in Cranbrook B.C. THE LAST ONE!!!!! Got some great pics and a DV for either tomorrow or Sunday. Okay, DV and a couple tomorrow. 4 weeks today, mileage 9631. YIKES!

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