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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Morning folks. Well, I got a good start on my chores yesterday. The car once more looks great, even if it did take a lot of work to get the oil I ran through in Raggedy's neck of the woods off. Diesel fuel is the best for that type of thing, but still, a lot of tooth-brushing between the spokes in the wheels. Tire dressing and a thin coat of baby oil and it's ready for cruisin'. I told you I'm very fussy with my vehicles.

Tried to get a rebate on the travel insurance that I had paid until the end of July. The agent agreed but the provider didn't. What a surprise!

Got everything arranged at the bank so that when I find the unit I want, write a check, then they will come up with the best way to pay for it. If I decide to finance it they offered prime plus one, which with interest rates so low might be the way to go. That way it would only cost me one per cent after the interest I get from the bank. Use their money, not mine.

Actually found a good Class A motor-home, at a good price, but it's just too big, at 36', for what I need. I told the guy it's good that it had a strong trailer hitch, because I'd need it to pull the gas that the 460 cu in Ford engine would slurp. At $5.40/gal here, fuel economy is a big item, and that land yacht would get about 9-10 MPG. Even though it's RV time, it's a buyer's market out there and I'm sure I'll find what I want at the right price.

Wouldn't you know it, but at the store they had cherries from the same orchard that I bought mine from on Saturday for $1 a pound cheaper than I paid. Of course I had to buy some just to make sure they were as good, and so far they are. wink wink.

Someone asked if the town of Frank had been re-built after the slide. It wasn't at the site, but this town, Blairmore Alberta, sprang up a few miles away. This area is known as the Crowsnest Pass, and to me is simply a beautiful part of our great country.

Finally, for my wine-tasting bud, Dave C, how many of these wines do you recognize? Just another part of Beautiful British Columbia. (click open)

So all in all it was a good first "business" day. It's amazing how things will come together when you know what you want, and believe me, I know what I want. From where I'm sitting it's 1500 road miles to the top of B.C., and I want to show you all of it. Then it's the home of my soul, the Yukon. See the spirit you guys are giving me?

Thanks for stopping by, and I'll see ya tomorrow.

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