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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Morning folks. Well, another less than fruitful day RV shopping. The unit that I went to see was not what had been represented so that was a wasted trip. I did find a couple that were close to what I was looking for until I found out they were ex-rentals. No thank you, at half the price!

But all is not lost, thanks to a tip from this lady. I found some motor-homes at the site she provided that have made me reconsider my choice of RV. In fact I'm going to see a 27' Winnebago not far from here that has me very interested. The price alone caught my eye, and after talking with the owner, I'm definitely interested.

I hope I don't jinx this by showing the picture like I did with the van, but here is the unit.

Believe it or not I can get this for just over half of what the van cost. The owner has all the maintenance records etc., so I'm anxious to check it out. He is using it this week-end so it will be Monday before I meet him. In the meantime I've found a few others to half-heartedly check out.

Also my bud from down under, Peter, sent me a link that is a literal treasure trove of information on RVing. I haven't read it all but I sure intend to. I was wanting to learn about satellite internet access and this fellow spells it out in detail. Here is his site.

I'm going to contact him, introduce myself, and go from there. He is doing now what I had intended to do eventually, so I'm hoping to gain from his experiences.

All is fine, albeit sore, at the Devaney waterworks. Went from dribble, dribble, to being able to wash the side of a house. (Alright, settle down!)

Boop was here yesterday and is having a tough time dealing with the fact that her sister Marg doesn't have much time left. Today they will get the prognosis from the oncologist. It's hard when people are hurting and you can't help.

Was going to start walking the beach every morning again, but it's been rainy since I got home. No matter because with my eating whatever, and lot's of it, I actually lost weight on the trip. Go figure. I thought for sure I'd put half the weight I lost back on, but for now at least the rice cakes can stay in the cupboard.

While on the trip I didn't do much drinking at all, but did try to sample the local beer in each area. In Nova Scotia I found a beer that should be illegal it's so smooth, Alexander Keith's India Pale Ale. I went to the beer store here yesterday and was surprised to find they carried it, so if one day I make less sense than usual, it will just mean that ol' Alex and I are sharing a "cold one".

As always, hope you're doing well, and thanks for your support.

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