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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Morning folks. I'm sure you're as tired as I am of this blankety-blank RV shopping, so this will be the last nattering about it, unless or until I actually find one to buy.

I had arranged to meet the fellow at 10 am yesterday to look at the RV du jour.I arrived at the upscale park a bit early, found the unit, and while waiting for him, looked it over a bit. Not too impressed for the price, $79K, but waited around for him to show up before making any decisions.

At 10:20 a lady came out of the reception building and managed to look and talk down to me as she asked what I was doing there. I explained why I was there, obviously not to her satisfaction, because she wanted to know when I had spoke to him. After telling her that, she told me that the fellow had just gone for breakfast with her husband and that I was to wait.

You'll be proud of me because I managed to keep my cool as I walked to my car as she was telling me that I HAD to wait. I knew that if I let one word out the rest would not make me proud of myself.

So there's one left. It's at a dealer's where I actually like and get along with the salesman, a retired RCMP sergeant. It's more motor-home than I need but I've made a tentative offer contingent on them having the transmission looked at. So far they're not too fussy, but the ball is in their court. When they refused to give me a 30-day drive-train warranty that pretty well told me what I needed to know. We'll see.

My son Bob and family are off to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island this morning to attend the baseball finals that grandson Bobby's team is in. You guys are always generous with the good wishes, and I really need them this time. If his team is victorious they go next to Maryland to play teams from as far away as the Dominican Republic. Am I proud of him? Do fat dogs fa**? Go young Bobby, go!

Didn't get to take a DV, but thought you might get a laugh out of this one.

Hope you guys in the sweltering heat are managing to stay cool. Take care, and I'll see you tomorrow.

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