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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Morning folks. I think an explanation is due, lest you think I've become a blog wh**e for placing ads on here. I was innocently playing around checking things out, and didn't realize I had gone past the point of no return until I refreshed my page and saw them. I was still looking for the place to put the code in my template and preview it when I noticed it was already there. Now that they're up I'll leave them, but try to alter the size and maybe color.

Another thing I've noticed on some pages is a Wish List. While reading the paper yesterday, and trying to cope with the heat, I got to thinking about a nice COLD margarita. What made me think that way was an article about a product made from this.

You'll of course recognize that as blue Agave. A company has just come out with a brand of tequila that is made from 100% blue agave, aged 6 years, and sold in either a half pure platinum bottle, or a half gold with platinum decoration.

So the first item on my wish list is either bottle of Tequila Ley .925 "Pasion Azteca". Because they are a bit pricey, if you want to hold off until my Birthday, or Xmas, I'll understand.

How pricey are they? I was afraid you'd ask. Remember now, this would just be a one-time thing. How nice of you.

Platinum.....$225,000 Gold.....$150,000

There are only 66 bottles available, so you might want to avoid the rush and get your orders in early.

The weather is finally cooling off a bit, at 11 am yesterday it was only 100 degrees on my deck compared to 106 on Friday. Enough already! While over at Dudette's site looking at some great pictures, I read where it was the same where she lives. Having worked for a few trucking companies in her city over the years I know there's no escape from the heat there. At least here we can hit the beach.

Stay cool guys, and if all you can send is the gold one, I'll understand. After all things are a little tight these days. heh heh

Oops, just about forgot. Bob turns 45 today, Happy Birthday son!!

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