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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Morning folks. I think I should get my back up more often because, oh boy, talk about the squeaky wheel getting the grease.

When I arrived at the hospital yesterday morning ready to do battle I found that they were waiting for me. Although they wouldn't say so, and I didn't push it, I know that one of the people I talked to on Sunday alerted them to my concerns.

Not only was I treated with care and respect, I was apologized to profusely. I won't go into detail about what I learned, but I will say that a certain someone has a lot of explaining to do as to why I wasn't even on a waiting list.

Now for the good news. Within an hour I was hooked up to an IV and having the CT scan! And for even better news, at 3:30 pm I got the results. The tumor has NOT grown!!

While waiting for the wonkiness I was feeling from the IV to wear off they asked if I had any other health issues. I mentioned the kidney stones and was offered an ultra sound but I passed, having had enough for one day. Besides I'm getting good at popping those rascals out. YEEOWW!

I also have a new doctor who has ordered blood work every two weeks to help him regulate my medication dosage. He was astounded by the amount I've been taking, 4x normal, down from 6x normal. It's a wonder I don't glow in the dark.

So all in all it was a good day, with my faith in the system restored.

This would never have happened with my old family doctor, but after he retired it was easier for me to just go to a walk-in clinic if I needed a physical etc. I blame myself a bit because I've long had concerns about this jerk, but you can bet I'll be a lot more diligent now.

It's amazing how much stress can mess with you, because already I feel better. Oops, shouldn't have told you that, now you'll want some DVs. Well, guess what? So do I. I want to get back to the fun I was having on here and put this behind me.

See ya tomorrow guys, and thanks for bearing with me.

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