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Friday, August 18, 2006

Morning folks. Guess it's time to show up and let you know how I'm doing before you slip another mule into my stall. Can't believe how time flies even when you're not having any fun.

I seem to be over the latest flare-up of the tumor, even my eyesight is back to normal. I've got to admit it took a lot out of me, and the other problem that cropped up didn't help things.

It seems that when I "worked out" the kidney stone situation I ripped up the drain pipe enough to cause an infection that went up into the bladder. I've never been much of a singer, but I can yodel with the best of them now when I'm "doing my duties". YEOWEEE!

On a more pleasant note I truly appreciate the e-mails and phone calls checking on me. Because of the life I led I was used to basically being alone, but at times like this I realize how important having people in your life is. Gives me the warm fuzzies to know that through this simple blog I've made a connection to people that care. I must mention that I feel the same way, if you're hurtin', I'm hurtin'.

On the RV front I'm still interested in buying a motor-home, and have in fact found another that fits the bill, but I still haven't found a place to park it. I thought I had one for $100/month until the guy wanted the first year in advance, in cash, and upon checking learned he didn't even own the property. I must look even dumber than I am.

Hey Goob, I'll bet you wouldn't have any trouble getting your little ones ready for school if they had this to ride in. Hell, I'd go back to school if they'd let me drive it.

Sorry for being a stranger, but "stuff" happens. Hopefully I can get back into the swing of things again because I do enjoy the community here. See ya soon.

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