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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Morning folks. I'm glad I don't have anything earth-shattering to natter about today, as if I ever do, because this is the fourth time I've tried to put even this up.

What's causing this is a good ol' fashioned thunder storm, the kind that almost rattles the walls, and keeps shutting the power off. No rain yet, but hoo boy!, is it noisy. With all the racket, and the digital clocks blinking, you'd think that L'il Bear would at least stir, but it takes a lot to rouse him.

Other than this bit of excitement there's not much happening here, which is kind of enviable with all the tragedies unfolding in the world. When will man ever learn that wars do not solve anything.

Before I go on a rant I think I'll just say enjoy the rest of your weekend, and give thanks that we live in a part of the world that is relatively peaceful.

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