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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Morning folks. Well, it looks like we survived the Big Heat of '06. Although it's still record-breaking hot up country, here at the coast it's almost back to normal. Yesterday in fact was quite nice, so I sort of went back to RV shopping.

Because this town has become so nouveau riche there is no such thing as parking a large RV anywhere near where I live so I went looking for a home for one. With only one park available I figured it would be pricey, but damn, $168/week, plus taxes! When I explained I only needed storage I was told their storage yard was full. What a surprise! Looks like I've got a lot of homework to do before I take the plunge.

Yesterday's goofing around with that ridiculously priced tequila made me wonder what kind of RV I could get for that kind money. For the cost of just 3 bottles this beauty could be on it's way north.

This thing actually has a stronger engine than my last truck did, and it would haul 80,000 lbs down the road like a raped ape. If I had that home on wheels you'd never see me again, wait, you haven't seen me yet. I think the heat has gotten to me, NAH!, just having a little fun.

I hope you realize this is just day-dreaming, which is harmless. As for a Wish List, I don't have one, nor would I ever, because truth be told I'm doing fine. But if you insist....heh heh. And yes Hoss, I do have the URL for this one.

Heard from my ol' bud Box-car last night, and I don't envy him a bit because I've been there and done that. He's in Laredo TX. waiting for his trailer to come back from Mexico. For a whole lot of reasons (insurance etc.) most companies hire a Mexican trucking firm to take the load in, get it unloaded, and bring the trailer back. If he's real lucky it will have most of it's wheels etc. if and when it finally arrives. He's been there for 2 days now and they're telling him they can't find it. You can make a lot of tacos with 44,000 lbs of beef.

Take care guys, see ya tomorrow.

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