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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Hi folks. Well, here I am apologizing again for something I really can't control. Twice this past week I've tried to put a little post up with no luck. The connection I have is so weak that either I can't get Blogger etc to open, or it times out. Thankfully I don't get much mail because it's the same there. Very frustrating!

It's obvious that a big ol' hiatus is in order, but I did want to try one more time to let you know that all is well here. We had a real hot spell for a few days but the weather now is just pleasant. I go off shopping once a week in the car, but other than that staying close to home. I manage to stay busy putzin' around the campsite, going for a walk with the dog, and sitting by the campfire most evenings. Suits me plumb fine.

My plans have not changed....stay here until about the first week of Oct., then off to Arizona for 6 months. I'll try once in a while to get on here and say Hi, but no promises made, no promises broken.

I don't see the 'Publishing may fail' notice yet, so here goes. Take care of yourselves.

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Morning folks. My, how time flies. In a few short days I will be half-way through my 6 months here in Clinton, then it will be back to my winter "home" in Quartzsite. To be honest, if not for the frigid winters, I would be quite content to stay here year-round. Probably just as well to have a change of scenery, but damn I like it here. Oh well.

The last time my "friend", humph, (kidding) Bill the Barber showed up he arrived without his clippers, so today I've either got to get a haircut or buy a violin. Talk about a wooly creature! Since I've got to do some shopping anyway for basics, (lobster, caviar, champagne, etc) it's not a biggie.

Although I enjoy going for a drive, the price of gas here ($6.77/gal) is a consideration. Thankfully my "baby" gets great mileage because to do just grocery shopping is 62 miles return. Groceries and very limited other shopping is 95 miles, and full shopping (Wally-World etc) is 154 miles. At the rate gas prices are increasing I don't even want to think of how much it's going to cost to get the Bear down to Arizona, but it will be about $ way!

I keep losing the connection here, so I think I'll wish you all a good weekend, and see if I can get at least this much posted. Probably see you on Monday with, hopefully, a few pictures. Stay well.

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Morning folks. Just stopped in to say Hi and to let you know that all is well here at El Rancho No Gotto. The weather is finally starting to cooperate, and since we've got the campground fairly shipshape, I've got lots of time to go for long walks. I usually take my bud Luke, the dog here, his favorite stick, and off we go. What a wonderful way to spend retirement.

Another thing I really enjoy is sitting around the campfire. I light one every night, regardless of the weather, and most nights someone stops by to just sit and chat. Also, so many people have been giving me fresh lake trout, I wrap one or two in tin foil, lay them on the grill over the fire, and we have a little snack to go with the fresh pot of coffee percolating on the grill. Gotta luv it!

As for fishing, what do you think of my new belly-boat Bill? Just sit in the armchair supported by a big inner tube, put a pair of flippers on, and walk around the lake. I don't go out too far, but what a hoot!

It's a tough struggle here, as you can see, but I'm holding up well. Seriously though, with all that's going on in the world, I feel very fortunate, and grateful, for the life I have.

Hope you're all well, and if you ever get tired of the rat race, come on up and we'll sit by the fire and spin some yarns. Take care of yourselves, and I'll see you later in the week.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Morning folks. Okay Judles, here are a few pics, in no particular order. I took 20 yesterday, but had so much trouble loading them on here that I just took whatever would come up. (After 2 hrs of trying). I pay $30/mo for wireless, and it bites the big one. The speed is usually 2 or 3 Mbps.

Anyhoo, this first one shows the view out my living room window. That's the south end of Clinton, and the road coming in from the left is the main highway. I love sitting here and watching the trucks roll by, still got the bug. You'll notice the damage the Mountain Pine Beetle is doing on the hill. (Don't forget to click to embiggen)

This one is part of the retaining wall I helped build. It doesn't look that high, but when you're lifting 12' 6x6's, believe me it's a hoist. Good exercise though.

Here's the little ladies making my eggs for brekky. Real big brown eggs, with deep yellow yolks. I've got a 1-gallon jar with 3 dozen pickled eggs in it, they're good aren't they Bill?

This is a spot to, as the sign says, Sit and Chat. It's by a waterfall with a pond that I picked up 12 feeder fish for last week.

This of course is the office. There is usually hanging pots of plants across the front, but they take them down at night in case the wind comes up.

I'll put lots more up in time, but just wanted to give a little glimpse of where I am. Too bad the others wouldn't come up, but I'll get them eventually.

Going to take a little break, see ya next Monday. Stay well.

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Morning folks. Thought I'd better drop in and say Hi before I get yelled at again. Kidding! Seriously, I wish I could get over this little hump and get back to things the way they used to be, it was fun for me. Things like Bushwhackin', Saturday Chuckles, L'il Bear Sundays, etc. Oh well, just stay at it, things will eventually come around.

On a much lighter note I had a wonderful weekend. Bill the Barber showed up on Friday, boat in tow, with my fishing rod and reel and tackle box loaded up. After a nice visit we both turned in, he in his rigged up van where he is comfortable, and me of course in the Bear. Boy, can he sleep!

I was up at my usual ridiculous time, coffee pot ready, outside light turned on so he'd know I was up, and 5 hours later he finally crawled out. Good for him, wish I could sleep like that. Anyway, got him coffeed up, our gear together, and off we went to the lake.

After 4 hours of trying different lures, both trolling and drifting, neither one of us had a nibble, but it didn't matter. It was a treat to get out there, at least it was until I messed up. Instead of feeding about 30' of line out by hand after changing lures, I decided to reverse the reel and spin it out, not realizing the weight I was using was too light for that. What a bird's -nest of line! Dumbass! Finally had to cut it off. Sheesh!

Came back home, had a nice walk around the campground, went to town for lunch, then spent a few hours sitting out at the picnic table BSing. Finally, he decided to head for home at about 4:30 pm, so I got his travel mug filled up, thanked him for a great time, and off he went.

I had some more pictures, but they didn't turn out so well. This is the lake we were on, about a mile long and 1/4 mile wide.

This of course is Chez Bear, or as Bill calls it...Paradise. I can't tell you how peaceful it is here, not to mention how welcome the owners make me feel.

So there you are guys. As you can see, things are plumb fine with me. Hope you're all well, and would love if each and every one of you could stop by for a visit. See ya soon.

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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Morning folks. Too often those words are used without much sincerity, but believe me, this is not one of those times. I truly am sorry for not letting you know how I'm doing, not answering e-mails, and causing concern.

There is nothing bad happening, just the opposite really, but I just hit a point where I had to prioritize my life. There were things bothering me to the point that I decided, perhaps unwisely, to withdraw and let things sort themselves out. It may have been selfish, but was necessary, and has worked. I've always known who and what I am, and if other people don't, so be it. As I mentioned before, although somewhat altered, life will go on.

As for how I'm doing, it couldn't be better. Workin' my heinie off and lovin' every minute of it. The owners of the Park and I get along so well that not only do I have my site looking great, but have taken an interest in the whole place. In fact I refer to myself as Jose', the undocumented worker. Darrell, the owner, has given me my own set of tools that I keep here at my place. Rakes, shovels, axe, power saw, wheelbarrow, etc. We've also had an excavator, grader, backhoe, and bob-cat working and have got so very much done. Opened 5 new sites, built a big retaining wall, and just finished leveling, laying top-soil, and 650 sq ft of sod at my place. It's too cloudy today to take pictures, but I will post some. I've even got a big pot of geraniums that I fuss over daily. Bark-mulch, top-soil, coffee grounds, ground up egg shells, and Miracle-Gro, boy you should see them grow!

When I'm not working (hah!) I grab my walking stick and off I go on the trails. When Bill was here (twice) I took him on a hike, and I think he'd tell you, you have to be part mountain goat on some of them.

As for Timmy, I simply have no time for him. He can look after himself because that's what I'm doing. So much for being given the kiss of death almost 6 years ago. I fully realize that I'm not bullet-proof, but by God when it comes to toughness, a two-dollar steak has nothing on me. I do not say that braggingly, but that mindset is what keeps me going.

I don't often fire up the 'puter, but when I did today and saw the comments, e-mails, etc, I felt ashamed. SORRY!! I'll do better. You guys deserve better.

See you soon, and thanks so much for hangin' in with me. Much appreciated!

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Morning folks. Sorry for being AWOL the past couple of weeks, but I ran into something that threw me off my feed. It's a bit too personal to discuss but I've worked my way through it, and although somewhat altered, life will go on.

The trip down was for the most part successful. Got the important things done and even managed to attend 2 rugby and 1 baseball game that my grandson played in, quite well in fact. Didn't get to see this particular game, but his rugby team played a team from England in Vancouver, and darned if he didn't get most valuable player in the entire game award. Very proud!

Made it back here safely just in time for some (for the time of year) record-setting cold. Many nights at -10C, or lower, water and sewer frozen, more snow than I needed, and even had the power go out one night.

Since I try to stay active regardless, I managed to goof around enough to get a beaut of a cold. Still feel like something the cat coughed up but I seem to be on the mend. Oh well, as Johnny Cash said, this world is rough, and if a man's going to make it he's got to be tough.

Hope you're all well, and I'll try not to be such a stranger.

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